Meet Me

Hi I’m Melissa! I love spanish food, shoes and all things silly! I adore my family (I come from a big one!), and my two adorable, crazy dogs! I am so blessed with a wonderful, full life and I love that my newborn & wedding photography adds to that.

To see more about me and what I’m up to catch up with me on my blog!

My Philosophy

Life is what drives us to take a photograph. That moment in time. The sweet kiss of our wedding day, the soft innocence of our newborn child, that awkward giggle with our high school crush; the moments that make up our delicate life. In an instant that moment is gone forever. With a glance of a photograph years later we feel that emotional connection to the dreamy days of our past. We relive those butterflies on our wedding day, the angelic love of our tiny baby, the blissful infatuation of our highschool beau. Our photographs write the story of our life.

My passion and drive is to preserve these tender moments & emotions. Capturing the human experience, the best parts of life, how you remember it, how you felt it.

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